adTempus is a batch job scheduling and automation tool for Windows NT/2000/XP.

By "batch job" we mean programs (or collections of programs) that are meant, for the most part, to be run in an "offline" or unattended fashion, such as a program that backs up your production database each day.

Of course you can use adTempus to start Microsoft Word so you can compose a letter, but there wouldn't be much point to that.

By "scheduling and automation" we mean that adTempus executes these jobs at specific times or in response to other external events, and manages dependencies within and between jobs.

Edition Differences

adTempus is available in two editions: Scheduling Edition and the System Management Edition. See the Edition Comparison topic for information on the differences.

If you are using adTempus in evaluation mode, all features for both editions are enabled. Otherwise, System Management features will not be available unless your license is for the System Management edition.


Getting started with adTempus

The adTempus Architecture